Semi-Serious Roleplay
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E2 Access
50 GBP
  • Permanent

Get access to all of Wiremod including E2. Please be warned that abusing the tools given to you will result in loosing access to them.

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Booster Pack
15 GBP
  • Permanent

You will receive the following after purchase in your booster pack:

- Access five crafting specification cases

- Earn three weapons case

- Get yourself 100,000 extra points!

- Instant cash boost to your character in-game of $1,000,000 (1 million)

- Gain an extra permanent 30+ inventory slots.

- Gain an extra permanent 50+ bank storage slots.

The items listed below are what you can open in any of our crafting specifications or weapon cases:


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15 GBP
  • Permanent

Upgrade to SSRP VIP today! By doing this you help support the servers and services (and the whole community) we provide and of course get loads of in-game benefits and upgrades.

What you will unlock as a SSRP VIP:

Access to all VIP jobs on the server:

cool jobs Xd

Unlock all the VIP only entities plus you can spawn more entities at once compared to other ranks (which means growing more drugs, using more printers; etcetera):

entities list xddd

Other server specific perks:

Gain $1,000,000 instant in-game cash.

No more job limits meaning you can always become the job you desire to be.

You'll receive double the regular salary.

Access to receive double the user amount of XP earned.

Gain 60 slots inventory space and an extra 100 storage slots at the bank. Instead of the default which is 16 inventory slots and 32 storage slots at the bank.

Get an increased shop space limit.

Increased PROP limit: spawn 75 PROPs (Instead of the normal user prop limit which is 30).

Community related perks:

Receive the donator rank and privileges on our TeamSpeak 3 server, Discord server and forum.

[Limited Time Offer] Get Gold VIP on all our other Garry's Mod servers (which includes TTT, Deathrun, Bhop, Jail Break, Prop Hunt, PERP, Virtual Life Roleplay and much more).

Please check our Terms of Service which you agree to follow by making a purchase on our store.

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