Serious Roleplay (PERP)
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Custom Bodygroups
  • Permanent

Make your character look unique and different to everyone else! Pick from a large choice of bodygroups and choose one just to suit and reprsent best who you are.

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30 GBP
  • Permanent

1. Access to the phys gun to freeze and rotate props.

2. Access to premium cars, including the Ferrari 458 Spider and the Bugatti Veyron.

3. Access to accessories - Show other players that you are pumped by buying accessories like a tophat or shades.

4. Carry a default weight of 250 instead of only 150.

5. Grow more drugs (10 pot and 10 coca plants instead of 5 each).

6. Earn more money - get 2 times as much as an unemployed citizen and 1.75 times more as a government employee.

7. Always get a government car regardless of the limit the mayor set. (Except Speed Enforcement)

8. Custom clothing, taboo, imagery and symbols for your clothes.

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